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Our product range is increasing day by day

Our online store brings FMCG products from factories to wholesale buyers worldwide. Now we are selling in stores with dozens of products from dozens of factories. We send e-mail campaigns about our products to more than 50 thousand WHOLESALE BUYERS and promote our prodoucts every week. The products in our store are exported wholesale from Turkey to many countries of the world, therefore, all necessary documents are available for the export of the products in our store.

Would you allow us to offer you evaluation to buy our products by your esteemed company?

All the products that you may need to buy are gathered in one place, so save time and work more effectively.



We are offering you products for your wholesale purchases.
In this virtual store, only export wholesale sales are made. 
At the moment, you have the opportunity to review tens of carefully selected product types online in our store, by categorizing the contracted factories with our store. You can order PL-labeled products in our store, packaged with your own private label.

All products in our store have documents suitable for international trade (import-export). (like ISO, BRC, Halal, Kosher, etc.) 

All of the factories whose products are sold in our store pass through the filter of our expert experienced team. You will receive the products you buy through our store, directly at the factory price.


After adding the product to your cart, an offer will be sent to you by our factory sales team by e-mail. 

Our Logistics team will provide you with continuous support for all door-to-door or door-to-port delivery models.


It's very simple here.

SHOPPING GUIDANCE within the foll steps:

1- Add product by click on ADD TO CART

2- Click SHOPPING CART icon on top of the page

3- If you continue shopping click CONTINUE SHOPPING button 

4- If you complete the shopping click on CHECKOUT button

5- If you have already an account enter your user name and password and click LOGIN

6- If you don't have an account fill the new customer form very soon and click CONTINUE

7- Follow the steps from 2 upto 6 which will simply guide you by click CONTINUE on each step as shown as foll



     Step.4- DELIVERY METHOD (While on this step, it is not necessary to click any buttons here, because their function temperaly inactive. But also if necessary, you can add your any comments into the text area regarding the shipment request)

     Step.5- PAYMENT METHOD (You don't need to check any button here. Just you may write your notes regarding payment intention on the text area optionally). Just please becarefull read the Terms of Delivery and check the box for agreeing then click on CONTINUE button. 

     Step.6- CONFIRM ORDER (On this tep check the values on form and if quantities are right click on CONFIRM ORDER button. You will not see any price amount on the form. The price offer will be calculated as per details and will send you by email later on.)

That's it. 

Your order has been sent us.

Now our responsible team member will contact you very soon for continue through the price offer toward the agreement.


How can we help you?

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