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Terms of Delivery

All products on sales in this site are the subject of exports and may not be suitable for domestic sales. 
The all relevant costs of freight, local surcharges, pre-carriage and final-carriage charges, and relevant customs fees are additionally and will be included as extra. All transportings are in charges for the exports of the goods here subject to sale.

We prefer to use Incoterms 2020 version for our all delivery purposes. 
We can deliver the goods that are selling on this web site based on EXW, FOB, FAS, CNF, CIF terms mainly.
Depends on the logistical service possibilities at requested destinations, we may deliver the goods in accordance with DAP, DDU or DDP terms, too. 

Mostly we use seaway transports modal especially by container shipments. While if some of destinations may not permit us to use containerized shipments then we evaluate roadway or railway transport modals sub to reasonable costs. Airway transportation modals are very high expensive but if it mandatory and there is no other option, we can try to offer if the client is a keen buyer on those conditions.

Sub to costs, in case of small quantity orders such like 1 pallet, 2 pallets, a few pallets which calls as Partial Shipment or LCL shipments, we can evaluate to the delivery accordingly in case there is reasonable transportation services which may available for intended shipments.

Usually, all price offers of the goods which on sale here in this web site are based on EXW basis if not stated. In case of others, exactly the includes of the pricing will be stated on the page of product. 
The relevant transportation and logistics fees of the relevant delivery on the request of relevant clients will be calculated by our sales department and will be declared to the client while offering to their relevant demand by email. 
In any case, the all prices of the products which are stated in this web site are fully and clearly as an indication independence from the time of validation. The final pricing for any goods will be calculated according to the relevant demand details and advised to the client by email against their order even if logged by the clients via email or through the web site tools. 
If any prices which is still not updated yet as stated on the relevant product but still there is and the time is out of valid date of price for the those product, the client must ask to us via email or whatsapp about its validity. Otherwise, obvious the clients won't have got any right to get claim on mentioned to our company with such that reason.

If there is not any final Sales Agreement which has been signed in between the client and our company yet, the related orders even if entered on the site will not be confirmed. Even if in case of comfirmed order, if the advance or relevant agreed payment is not remitted yet, the shipment of the order will not be set untill the payment in said time limits as agreed.

In case of any force major occurance after if all fully agreements has been done and even if the agreed advance or full payment already done, the order will not be sustained and if it will never be possible to realise for a reasonable time limit, then our company will have right to cancel the order, without any claim by clients.


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