FRESH FRUITS are always has been providing directly from their orchards in Turkey.

DRIED OR FROZEN FRUITS as kind of products what the company is the supplyer under necessary contracts with sellective producers in Turkey.


The most popular product of Major Foodstuff focusing on international sales is Dried Apricot. Most of these apricots are on sale with KING APRICOT brand but also possible to sale as Royal Apricot too.

KING APRICOT is one of the famous dried apricot manufacturers in Malatya. On the other hand, which has an international sea port, the location of the Mersin city has a very strategic importance for global trade activities and KingApricot is aware of this. In this way, the foreign trade unit of Major Denizcilik ve Dış Tic.Ltd. in Mersin has structured as Major Foodstuff, as aiming to increase the trade volume of the factory in exporting dried apricots; thus has started to act as the authorized legal sales and marketing office of the plant in Mersin port city. Dried apricots produced under the KING APRICOT brand are regularly exported to European countries via Mersin port on a weekly basis.

MAJOR DENİZCİLİK VE DIŞ TİCARET LTD.Co. has been acting as authorised legal sales-marketing office of the factory in Mersin port city on behalf of KINGAPRICOT, Malatya. So that the logistics organisation skills and international Trading Functionalities of KINGAPRICOT has been enhancing by its Mersin Office since 2016 with the all facilities of Major Foodstuff.

MAJOR FOODSTUFF acts one of the best supplyers in Turkey which has providing the goods direct from their main sources. The main target of the company is to get a success with the best satisfaction with all clients.

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